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Nature's Point is an amazing place for creativity and allowiing you to unwind from the city anxiety.  Past performers love the acoustics of the Chapel/Great Hall.  Create your own event or just settle into a quiet, creative atmosphere allowing you to perform and create your next score.

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Training Events

Nature's Point is a perfect "get-a-way" for you and your Clients.  A private, in-the-country, location.  The facility has private bedrooms for your clients and a private suite for the instructor.  All are interconnected within this updated, modern facility.  Contact us to see how we can help you with your training events.  Ask us about our 6,000-acre heritage ranch that you can have access to, for you and your clients.



Nature's Retreat space is a safe place to rest with spiritual support!  The wild wide-open natural world is a perfect place for letting go.....allowing time to unwind from anxiety's clutches and receive the gift of silence...the healing that soothes heart and soul.


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