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Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Emily Spalding is an American bassist, singer, songwriter, and composer. Her accolades include five Grammy Awards, a Boston Music Award, and a Soul Train Music Award.

“Through the creation of Nature’s Point, Laila Davis has curated space for

artists to rest or work, and be supported in both as we explore how our

practice and projects may be of service to the healing of our relationship with each other, ourselves, the land, its history, and its peoples. 


While in personal and collaborative residency there, I experienced deep re-orienting, healing, and inspirational vision for my works, and my life path. 

I’m very grateful to Laila (and her partner Mike) for how they host residency and/or specific projects,  and look forward to witnessing what all emerges from the artists who continue to visit and create there.”  

~esperanza spalding

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Ganavya Doraiseamy

Ganavya Iyer Doraiswamy known mononymously as Ganavya, is an American-born Indian vocalist, scholar and multi-disciplinary artist.

That chapel is a womb, one that I keep aching to return to. Practically speaking, the acoustics are perhaps unparalleled in their giving, generosity, and warmth.


A space that has seen innumerable prayers, the air is somehow tranquil and full: it fulfills the aching in artists for a space that is at once both dynamic and quiet, old and new, large yet small, empty, yet full— it is a space that can only be understood once it is visited, once it has been played in.


I do not have the words to describe the magic of the chapel at Nature’s Point Center for Creative Expression. But it is my hope that I can bring every artist I love to this space so that they can feel the depth of its support.

It is my hope that as many musicians and artists as possible will find the peace, love, and Spirit that I found at the Chapel. I hope you are able to visit it as soon as possible and confirm what I have written.

~Ganavya Doraiswamy

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Mythili Prakash

Mythili Prakash belongs to a new generation of classical Indian dancers. She is one of the most celebrated and respected young Bharata Natyam dancer/choreographers today.

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Lisa Rose

Product Manager

Write a bio for each team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.


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